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Above Parr Hardwood Floors - F.A.Q. Section
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What is a screen and coat?
This service is for floors in good shape that need a fresh coat of finish. Floor must be free of waxes and oils. We screen the floor with a fine grit screen, then clean the floor and apply another coat of finish. This is a maintenance procedure that we recommend be done every 2-5 years.

What happens in a sanding?
During this process, we sand your floor down to raw wood. We fill the floor with wood filler, then sand off the filler with a fine grit sand paper. Next we screen the floor with a buffer, scrape the corners and vacuum the dust off. The floor is now stained or has its 1st coat applied if it is going natural. The next day we screen the floor, clean it and apply the next coat. This process is repeated for a 3rd coat.

What is the difference between Water Based and Oil Based finishes?
Water Based Urethanes - These finishes are best when you need quick drying and extra durability. Water based finishes dry in 2 hours, they give your floor a lighter color in their natural state and the finish has less smell while drying. Brands of water based like Traffic from Bona Kemi give you extra durability over polyurethane. You must lay 3 coats of water based finish, so we charge our 3 coat polyurethane price and the cost is higher due to the more expensive product.
Oil Based Polyurethanes - These finishes are best when a more economical finish is called for. Polyurethanes take 8-12 hours to dry and have a strong smell while drying. Consider not staying in the area while the finish is drying. Oil based also has an ambering and goldening effect to the wood in its natural state. Polyurethanes are the standard for new construction and empty properties; they are also still used on the majority of sand in place floors.

What do I have to do to prepare?
A sanding or an install project is bid as an empty room. It is expected that the room is cleared and wall hangings are removed. If you have made arrangements for Above Parr to move your furniture please remove small items. If Above parr is sanding your kitchen, clear off your counter tops and limit filling the refrigerator to capacity if you plan to have it moved. You will also want to make arrangements for pets to be cared for off site.

What is the cost?
The cost depends upon the product and services you choose. Fill out our Request for quote page or call us today at 303-333-PARR(7277)Please call us for a FREE estimate.

How long does it take?
Sandings can take from 2 days for a small projects finished natural with 2 coats of finish. Allow an extra day for a stain and extra day for a third coat. Installation and larger sanding projects will add on extra days. Large projects with prep and base boards can extend into a 2 week project. The amount of time it will take depends on your choices.

Do I have to leave while work is being done?
The answer to this depends on the layout of your project and the type of finish that you choose. The oil based polyurethanes take 8 hours to dry so if you are doing your entire main level you will have to stay elsewhere unless you can enter and stay in the basement. The finish will have a smell and some people tolerate it better than others. If you are sensitive to smells consider water based finishes which dry in 2 hours and have little smell.

What are the different types of wood?
Please see our Select Your Wood Section and Wood Information for the different types of species, grades and hardness.

Do I have to sand my whole floor?
No possibly not. But you might see the cut off point. Any time you start and stop finishes there is a chance you are going to see it. And this is harder to do with stains. There are 2 issues with stains, color and sheen. Sometimes sheen can be helped by doing a screen and coat over the entire floor as the last step. This will make an even sheen when you look at the reflection in the light. If you don't sand the entire floor we cannot guarantee that the spot sanding will be invisible unless you sand wall to wall.

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